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The product maysil is limited production. In our production we use the best quality and care provided to the last detail. We have a strong commitment to our client's constant renewal, seeking to redefine the concept of "exclusivity". Introducing a strong trend, find the perfect balance in the outcome:
  • The concept of our product is based on combining the essence of the firm with the application of the latest technology to ensure our consumers purchasing a high quality gem.
  • Our jewels are provided directly from our factory, which reduces the price the jewels have a clean design and transgressive, and are made ​​with carefully selected materials to ensure reasonable prices always.
  • Our fantastic design tool lets you create special gems and always prove attractive to our target audience.
Our collections are characterized by its customized and coordinated design affordable urban Buyer mind. We can design jewelry and accessories that match our client's concerns and the need to show the world their way of life. Our concept ensures a coordinated look where design, colors and recycled materials always fit. © 2013 C/ Padrón nº13 bajo. La Estrada - Pontevedra cp:36680 - Spain - Tlf: +34 986 570 595

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